Associated Companies

ANRÁN is owned and operated by partners of one of the worlds leading Hospitalility Management Consultants, Focus Hospitality Inc.

Focus was established 25 years ago and has been involved in the creation of many small and large scale hospitality related projects.

Focus offers everything from conceptualisation and design development to project management for hotels , restaurants,cafes, bars, entertainment venues, shopping centres and residential developments.

It has a specialist department dedicated to franchise and business development including start up funding and exit strategy planning.

Focus’s head office is in Singapore but has representations in North America and Europe.

Focus Hospitality Inc

Edwin Ho Photography specializes in cutting edge creative photography for leading multi national corporations and has been involved in product and fashion shoots throughout the world for the past 10 years. Anrán has its own studio fully equipped to do high quality productions and shoots.

Edwin Ho

You think you know fried chicken? Think again. Inspired by the chicken-and-beer “chimaek” joints of Korea and their New York imitators, our crispy-crackly wings are the best you’ve ever tasted. Flipping the bird to all our competition.